LogMeal APP

You can be more aware of your intakes thanks to LogMeal APP. LogMeal helps you to achieve a conscious and healthy diet, and to improve your quality of life.


Just by taking a picture of your meal, LogMeal will recognize it in real time and provide you the following details:

  • List of ingredients (Present ingredients in the dish from the image as well as their standard quantities. Even though, one can always modulate quantities and LogMeal automatically recalculates all values)
  • Nutritional Detailed Information (32 nutritional indicators such as energy, macronutrients, fiber, cholesterol, vitamins and minerals)

Nowadays, it detects more than +1300 different local and international dishes from any cuisine in the world.


LogMeal is leading image recognition through Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision & Deep Learning since 2012 participating in international projects and publishing more than 25 international scientific papers about AI Food recognition & Deep Learning.


LogMeal APP is using LogMeal API for food recognition

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