LogMeal API, is the API for Food Recognition & Food detection based on images. Semantic tagging including food group, dish and ingredients recognition, as well as nutritional information analysis.

Food Type Detection

Food API to detect prepared food, drinks, fresh vegetables and fruit, non food and more.

Food Group Detection

Detect the basic food groups present in the food. Ideal for food logs and food diaries generation.

Single Dish Recognition

Detect more than 1300 different local and international dishes from any cuisine around the world.

Several Dishes Recognition

Recognize and list all the food items present in a picture.

Ingredients Information

Extract the list of ingredients present in the dishes as well as their quantities.

Nutritional Information

Provide an ingredients-based nutritional analysis of the picture.

Food Quantity Estimation

Automatically calculate the quantity present for each of the food items present on the picture.


LogMeal is leading image recognition through artificial intelligence, computer vision & deep learning since 2012 participating in international projects and publishing more than 25 international scientific papers about AI Food recognition & Deep Learning.

You can be more aware of your intakes thanks to LogMeal APP. LogMeal helps you to achieve a conscious and healthy diet, and to improve your quality of life.

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