More available dishes for food recognition

To be able to recongnize the food we put on our plate by taking a picture of it, it’s important we have a large database. With the new version of LogMeal APP, we have increased the number of dishes that can be recognized. Before, the total number of available dishes for food recognition was 880.

Now we have more than 1300.

Tracking your intakes with LogMeal APP is as easy as taking a picture of your food.  This way, you get the nutritional information and you can save the meal. When registering different meals throughout the day, you build a food tracker that also provides you up to 32 nutritional indicators as a summary of the day. Allowing you to know how many calories you’ve eaten, which quantity of each macronutrient, fiber, cholesterol and different micronutrients such as vitamin C, iron, calcium, folic acid, etc.

The nutritional information of each recipe is based on its list of ingredients and their quantities. Our recipe database is curated by expert dietitians considering standardized individual portions.

Each person prepares the dishes in his/her own way and may add or eliminate some ingredients or vary the quantity. That’s why, in LogMeal app, one can always change the total amount of the dish as well as modify the recipe ingredients to obtain more realistic and accurate nutritional values.

Our BBDD keeps growing for a better intake analysis.

Types of foods that can be recognized

Those dishes for food recognition are different local and international dishes from any cuisine around the world like Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Chinese and Japanese. Some examples of dishes that are available for each food types are:

  • food‘: ratatouille, bibimbap, ramen, cannoli, cordon bleu, chocolate chip cookies, pulled pork sandwich, olivier salad, chocolate pudding, etc. More than 1000 in total.
  • drinks‘: water, strawberry milkshake, chocolate drink, milk, coffee, white wine, red wine, grape juice, cola drink, etc. More than 100 in total.
  • ingredients‘: apple, orange, peach, mango, broccoli, coconut, raf tomato, garlic, almonds, ginger, etc. More than 140 in total.
  • sauces‘: mayonnaise, barbecue sauce, vinaigrette, pâté, cheese spread, soy sauce, etc. More than 25 in total.


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